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You might have everything needed for a great party but if your guests aren’t happy, your party will be as great as you expected. Even though it might be your birthday, the party will be all about keeping your guests involved and present at the event. Entertaining guests can be fun but very challenging too. People have different preferences so you need to come up with methods that will suit all. So here are a few ways to let them have a good time and take back good memories.

  1. Getting your house ready

Your house needs to be arranged in a presentable way where guests can move around and about. Clean your home; especially the areas that will be most used such as the living room, backyard, bathroom and entryway. Organize your space by pulling out big furniture to the sides so that people can move around easily, make space for the dance floor and set a place to hang coats, keep purses and gifts. Decide which areas guests are welcome in. you might not want them in the bedrooms so lock them away. Guide them through to areas that they can enter, especially the bathroom so that they don’t go around wandering in bedrooms to find one.

  • Plan the entertainment

Line up the menu in a way that people can enjoy. At parties, simple finger foods will be better than full meals so that people can enjoy them as they stand around, having good conversations with others. Set out snacks and drinks that all can have. Some might be vegetarian and non-alcoholic so consider them too when deciding the menu. Make a playlist for the party or get a DJ. If you are making your own music, mix them up, select some songs that match the theme and make sure there are enough songs for the entire night. If the record starts replaying the same songs, it will not be very pleasant. Have a few games ready, prepare a door gift for each guest, ask them to dress as per the party and help them mingle with others.

  • Ensure the guests feel good

It’s important that they feel welcome so greet them warmly as they enter. Show them around, offer them a drink, introduce them to others and help them settle in. Spend time with each guest to make sure they are well attended to. Let them know to contact you if they need anything at all. Also, if you face any problem, do not hesitate to get help from them they would surely love to pitch in.


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