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We might not know it, but art has an important role in our society. You will ask, how? How can art be important in our society?  This article will tackle the importance of art in our society. We often didn’t notice these important things, but it is very beneficial in every member of the society and the society itself.

It is a part of us

We might not notice this often but art is a part of us. We, as a member of the society, uses and needs art in our everyday life. We use art to be creative with ourselves, with our home, and with our environment. It provides style and beauty to us and to everything around us. Art allows us to be creative. And this creativity allows us to enhance our way of life.

It is a media of communication

In order to have a harmonious relationship in society, we need to understand each other. And for those who weren’t able to communicate in a form of speaking, they use art to express and convey a message.  Not all people are strong and confident enough to speak their minds out. That is where art takes part. It is an avenue to communicate to other people by the means of expression. They express what they want to say in their artworks. Art makes it easy to communicate even without the use of words.

It attracts tourism

Tourism means revenue. Tourism gives revenue to the place of attraction. How does art influence the place to be a tourist attraction? The answer is simple. There are several activities that can attract tourist to visit the place. Some examples of such activities are acrylic artwork paintings sale Singapore and some art exhibits that generate money. Most of the man-made tourist attractions are made because of the creativity of the people who created it. People who love and appreciate art would definitely travel to visit places that are art-based. More tourists mean more revenue.

 It identifies the culture in the society

Whenever we go to in different place and we see their architectural structures, we can easily conclude the culture they have. Just like the cave paintings and writings, we were able to identify the culture that ancient people have. It gives identity and classification to a society. Art help describes and enhances the culture of a place and the culture of the society.

Art is everywhere. It has long existed even during the earliest existence of human. As time pass, art becomes a part of us. It has helped us communicate. It has improved our lives. It provides opportunities and it gives us an identity. Art is an important part of society.

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