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The impact that right accessories that can do to a man is truly magical. A single ring, a subtle bracelet and a nice watch can boost the quality of the outfit by few times and its about time that you know it. In fact, when people notice that you have matched the outfit with the watch, they know that you care for yourself; you’re a fashionable person and the next thing you know is talking to a pretty woman in the party. Watches are essential and you should never ever frame yourself to one.

Here are 5 types of watches that every man should own.

  1. The office watch

You shouldn’t ever think that you should pay less attention to what you wear, just because it’s work. What you wear expresses your personality, showcases what you prioritize and we all know the attention that the well-dressed person get in any sort of an office place. This is why you need to own a watch that says, ‘I’m a busy guy but I know my style’. Wearing a stylish watch to the office is one of the best ways to boost your look and even be punctual.

  1. The casual watch

Wearing the office watch with a jean and a plain crew neck t-shirt wouldn’t work so well. That’s why you need to invest in a more casual watch that works with pretty much everything. How can you identify such one? For an instance, you can go for a white faced or blue faced one with either a black or brown leather belt. All of they are casual and quite stylish.

  1. The sports watch

It would be a fashion disaster if you were wearing your casual or the office watch at the gym or while jogging. The structure and the built of sporting watches secures the internal parts from sweat. Most are waterproof up to 100-300m and that’s an added advantage. Owning a sports watch it amazing because although casuals cannot be worn for gym, sports ones can be worn for causal outfits.

  1. The mechanical watch

If you have ever seen the mechanical concept of watches, you’d be amazed on how complex the mechanism inside a watch is. In fact, the reason why mechanical watches are so popular is because they can comfortably worn for office and casual needs without sabotaging the look. It’s a must have, period.

  1. The dress watch

This is where you should go a little deeper into the pocket. The dress watch comes out of your cabinet only when there is a function; a function where you ought to present yourself in the best way. The dress watch is the most important feature that seals the look. That’s why investing in an extensive branded one isn’t so bad.


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