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Shoes are just another way of expressing yourself. When it comes to male, you can present yourself in many ways with the use of different shoes. Even if you owned 10 different jeans, it will not be able to impart the impact that two pairs of different shoes do. That’s why you should prioritize the shoes whenever you can. In doing so, there are many types of shoes that you can invest in.

Here are 5 types of shoes that every man should own.

  1. The casual sneakers

Imagine going out for a walk in the evening, or a casual outing. In occasions that has this vibe, casual sneakers work quite adequately. We’re talking about throwing in a well fitted jean with a nice plain t shirt and the sneakers. Sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes that can be worn all day long. But that’s going to work only if the shoes are well fitted and has comfortable insoles in it.

  1. The old school converse

We all know how adapting a pair of nice blue, black or even red converse shoes are. They typically work with denims but once matches right, chinos couldn’t look any better. There are many brands out there that produce quality converse. Because of this, it is not so hard to select a great pair.

  1. The dressy Chelsea boots

The brown and the black Chelsea boot is what steals the thunder of the room you walk into, very time. They are plain, classy and has a stylish vibe that works with almost all sorts of jeans. But you should never wear them with shorts, period. These could be a little expensive but they’re kind of shoes that can be worn for a long time. That’s the best thing about Chelsea boots.

  1. The loafer

The ever comfortable loafer is yet another one of the most popular types of shoes that you can own. It could be for a casual occasion or a semi-casual occasion, these shoes can be thrown in with either a linen pant or a chino and you will be amazed on how great you look. However, there are nondurable shoes that lose their skins quickly. Hence, be more careful when buying these always.

  1. The sporty shoes

Maintaining a great physique helps you to maintain a great body shape. That in turn helps everything that is worn to be fitted perfectly. But given that your body will be sweating a lot and there would be a lot of footwork, you should never ever disregard the importance of the sporting shoes. Invest in a comfortable pair and you’re working out experience will be quite better just like that.


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