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There are a lot of famous names in the world and it is normal for some such names to automatically household names as well. But not every famous rich individual in the world is going to care about anything apart from what matters most to them. the earnings of the rich usually keeps them on a higher pedestal in comparison with everyone else in a country and so, it is very rare to find someone who actually wants to make a difference in the world and their own country with the riches they have accumulated with time.

Not every single person in the world is going to be fortunate enough to be born with what they want and the Dawood family is one such family who has managed to recognize their own privilege, while making the best use of it. Within the country and even on an international level, the Dawood family has certainly managed to leave their mark. So these are some things you need to know about the famous Dawood family.

Who are the Dawoods?

If you are wondering who the Dawood family is, they are actually a family that comes with a large background of cultural and philanthropic sense. This is what has managed to make them stand out from every other similar individual in the country. Hussain Dawood is one of the most famous businessmen and philanthropists Pakistan had ever seen and it is his legacy that is being carried down the rest of the Dawood’s who are philanthropically active today. From Bashir to Mariyam, the Dawood family is certainly a tale to talk about.

How have they changed the country?

You might wonder how Bashir Dawood and his family have managed to leave their mark and change the country of Pakistan. They are focused on so many aspects of developing the country and the world at the same time and this started off with improving education for the citizens in the country. Along with this, they have also made sure to improve the health care field in the country by introducing the most modern, state of the art equipment and facilities that will improve quality of life for all citizens.

International fame

The Dawood family is not only known throughout the country of Pakistan but they are known to be carrying out a large amount of philanthropic work all around the country, mainly aiming the youth of today. This kind of philanthropic work is what made them gain international fame as well.

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