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Most companies plan something special for their employees either once or twice a year and majority of the people in the workplace are looking forward to that event. Company events are the best time for employees to socialize with each other which in return creates harmony and unity in the workplace.  This is also the time wherein people from human resources or marketing department scout around for corporate giveaways to show appreciation for the employees. Some companies also take the opportunity to reward their outstanding employees and organize programs or concerts as a way of thanking their people.

Below are some suggestions on what to give employees during  Company Events:


Personalized office items- Spill Proof MugsPens, calendar, planner, cardholder and notepads are popular choices. Choose items that the employee would be able to use in their line of work. Personalizing the office items makes the give more special and meaningful to the person who will be receiving it. Think of giving the employees unique corporate gifts by looking into some online stores.


You can also tailor fit your gifts to the nature of the company’s’ business. If for example,  the company is into programming or Information Technology giving out items such as laptop bags, mouse pads and USB sticks will be very much appreciated by the people.

You can get these items at discounted prices when purchased in large quantities. Most suppliers will be very much willing to give out quotations on different items. Scouting for corporate giveaways should be done a few months before the actual event. It takes time to look for a trusted supplier who can deliver bulk orders on time. If you decide to personalize the gifts then you need to give the suppliers more time to work on your orders.


Certificates/ Trophies/ Plaque of Appreciation- This is a good time where employee morale is high to take the opportunity to award it outstanding employees of the year. Of course, aside from giving awards and certificates most companies also give out special gifts to the deserving awardees.


Prizes/ Major and Consolation Prizes- The goal of the event is to make everyone happy and go home with smiles on their faces. It would be nice to draw prizes throughout the event so that people will look forward to something. Some companies give out minor prizes such as gadgets, house appliances or international trips.


Incentives or bonuses- Since employee morale is quite high on this particular event then this is also the best time to award them with bonuses. If the company can afford to give out monetary incentives then they can never go wrong in making this choice.

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