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Are you thinking of renting out your holiday home to earn a little extra cash? If so, here’s how to be successful at it.

Spruce Up Your Home So It Attracts Visitors

Have you ever booked a holiday home, and been less than impressed by the interior of it once arrived? Sure, the holiday itself would have been pretty nice; but since the house you stayed at was less than what you wanted, you can’t help but feel a little cheated of your holiday bliss. Never let your renters feel this way. Do up your home. Start with the paint. Use colours that create the illusion of space, colours that will give your home a cosiness and a feeling of “home”. Avoid funky paint colours or themes¾unless you’re looking to advertise your holiday home that way. Add a mini bar, a barbeque grill or an outdoor oven if you have a back yard or a good sized balcony. If your home has a pool, you should also consider adding in sunbathing chairs for your guests.

Consider Approaching a Management Company

If you are someone who has a full time job, then chances are that it’s going to be nearly impossible to face all the demands that an owner of a rental place would have to face almost at a daily basis. It’s also a pretty hard job to do if you happen to live far from the home you are renting out. This is when a property manager will come in handy for you. From doing your advertisements, to making sure the house is ready for visitors, your property manager will oversee it all. Contact your local Airbnb rental management company for further help.

Make a Social Media Account Specifically For Your Summer Home

Today, social media is hardly used for the sole purpose of connecting with people. It is used in many other ways; but mostly as a platform to advertise businesses. If you are skilled with your photography, take a few quality pictures and upload it onto your social media accounts. Make sure to remind guests to tag you in your official page if they happen to take pictures while at your holiday home. Apart from sharing pictures, your social media account can be a great place for your potential renters to seek you out.

Make Your Home a Home Away From Home for Visitors

Make your holiday home a home away from home for your guests. To do so, you will have to make sure they are very comfortable; and that they will not have to call you up for any of their needs. Have clean bed sheets and blankets to spare. Stock up the kitchen. Have a heater in the bathroom; even if you feel the water is not cold at all.

Give the Repeat Visitors Attractive Discounts or Upgrades

Repeat visitors are always good news. Not only will it mean you get renters for your holiday home, but by choosing to come back, they are also proving to you that you are indeed doing something right. In this case, it’s a great idea to offer something special, go the extra mile, for those visiting your home for the second time.

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