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No matter which kind of culture you come from or where you are born and raised, you are bound to have food items and cuisines that you very traditional to you and close to your heart. A lot of traditional food items within a culture begin to become highlighted during special occasions such as a New Year or Christmas. For a lot of Asians living in the country, the ChineseNew Year is one of the most important moments of the whole year. It is when many people celebrate the coming of the New Year and is an occasion that would last longer than a week!

During the ChineseNew Year, a very traditional food that can be seen in every home is the mooncake. Mooncakes have become to be loved and cherished by everyone whether young or old for several important reasons, mainly because how delicious they really are! So what are the health benefits of eating traditional mooncakes that you need to know?

A lot of vitamins and minerals for your body

When you buy the best mooncake Singapore from a reputed baker, you will have multiple options such as black sesame; red bean and more. Products like black sesame mooncakes are going to be so healthy for us because in general, they are considered to be super foods. This means they are going to be holding in a lot of minerals and vitamins that are needed and necessary for our own body. So if you want your body to be getting good amounts of minerals and vitamins, mooncakes can do the job for you!

Rich in anti-oxidants

When it comes to mooncakes that are green tea flavored or even lotus seeds, it is going to hold in a lot of anti – oxidants that will instantly start working on our body. If you do not know, anti – oxidants are important to a healthy body because they manage to protect our entire body from toxins and free radicals! These toxins are responsible for a number of diseases on the rise today such as cancer and heart disease. When you eat food items with a lot of anti – oxidants, you are going to get your body a protective armor.

It helps with weight loss

Some of the most traditional ingredients used in mooncakes such as red bean paste can actually aid us with weight loss and fat loss! So if you are hoping to shed some unwanted pounds this New Year, eating mooncakes can actually help you with this.

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