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Apartment living came into play with urbanization. People started streaming into cities looking for jobs and space ran out in no time. People got used to living in small flats in tall buildings so close to each other, just since they are situated in the heart of the city. Living in an apartment is not so bad due to the proximity to all facilities, be it grocery items, the gym, restaurants or entertainment such as museums and movie theatres. However, it has its perks so here are some of them.

  1. No privacy

Surely the person in the flat right opposite to yours has seen you change clothes many times. It can get very annoying when you need to pull down the curtains every time you change clothes or simply pick your nose sitting comfortably on your sofa. Though bathrooms are much safer and covered, your neighbours can still hear you having a shower. You can hardly call your friends over for a few drinks since the neighbours will of course complain about the noise.

  1. Noise

Just like they can hear you, you can hear them too. The constant jabbering and fighting of the next door couple, the electric guitar practices of the guy below, kids and dogs screaming and howling in the hallways, could it get any worse? As well as you need to respect others’ lives, you will find it very uncomfortable especially if you are studying for your college exams or working late on a project that you really need to focus on.

  1. Renovating restrictions

You can’t just go ahead and add a few more shelves to your wall or build some wall cabinets as a storage solution Singapore. You need to get permission from the authorities of the complex, not forgetting the long procedures and paper work that follow. It can be a major hassle that you don’t want to be a part of at all.

  1. Neighbours

Noisy and nosy neighbours are the worst nightmare. Even if you do get into a fight with them, there’s no way you can avoid them since you’ll eventually see them in the elevator or hallway. Also, apartment complexes are home to many different types of people and families and hence are a common ground for disputes. You might be awakened by the noise of your neighbours in the middle of the night for the pettiest possible things, but well you can’t help it. if they are approachable and nice, you could try talking to them and explaining how the noise disturbs you. However, be careful not to offend them.



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